Monday, December 5, 2011

A "Hen" can tell how intelligent you are! (Part II)

***May I have your attention! Here are the final answers***

Imagine this is an interview question that your interviewer is about to ask you.  If your answer is one of the below. You should know how intelligent you are!

1. Gained $2.00 – You are rational; you math skill is only fine, but not good! You are great to be a regular customer and a follower. You won’t be hired.

2. Break even or earned $3.00 – You are quite subjective and always neglect details. Be patient and you need to think more. You won’t be hired.

3. Gained $38 or had 4 more hens – You have great imagination and are creative. You definitely can be an excellent politician or philosopher because they love to dream and they always lie without solid evidence. You won’t be hired.

4. Gained $1.00. You are good. You know the basic of how to make businesses work and you can be an entrepreneur. You may be hired.

5. Lost $2.00. Congratulations! You are a genius and you are hired. (Originally, you had the hen at $8.00; you could sell it at $11.00. If you had done it, you would have made $3.00. However, you didn’t. You only made $1.00 instead. As a result, you lost $2.00.)

Cotton Boy didn’t have the best answer. No wonder he is still working at a drugstore! May Santa come to rescue him!

A "Hen" can tell how intelligent you are! (Part I)

"Hey, Cotton Boy! Are you interested in testifying how smart you are? I have an IQ question for you,” my friend said with a big grin on his face. “Certainly, I maybe look like I am daydreaming all day; in fact, I am super sophisticated and intelligent. Go ahead, what is the damn question?” I declared.

Here you go!

You were at the market, purchased a “Hen” at $8. Then, you sold the “Hen” to someone in the market at $9. Later on, you wanted the “Hen” back at the cost of $10. At the end, you sold the “Hen” at $11.

How much did you make? You have ONE (1) minute to think!
Your answer will be a good indicator telling you who you are and what you should be ! I will reveal the answer with a very funny but truthful and logical explanation at 11:30PM (Eastern Time) tonight.

See ya all later!