Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A blogger was born at the corner of a breakfast restaurant.

"You have been saying that you are going to build a personal blog for more than a year. Where is it now? How much have you completed? Or in fact, you are just laying your arse and dreaming some delicious red apples falling down from an American sky and feeding a hunger Chinese immigrant." I pouted and starred at my ten fingers entwining each others awkwardly. I retorted to my friend, "I will make it happen. You just cool off and be patient. I am still collecting ideas how to construct an attractive blog page to lure thousands of readers to enter my fantasyland." She curled one side of her lip and disdainfully chuckled a big word, "WHATEVER!"

"Am I just bragging myself? Am I lacking of confidence? What is stopping me to write?" I question myself numerous times and I never find a fulfilling answer. I loitered at an intersection and dared not moving out of my comfort zone. I even am tired of my own excuse or to be called a procrastinator. As of November 22, 2011 at 3:52 P.M., I am writing my first blog to explore and exploit how much I like to share my world to you and to see how your world is different from mine.

There are more to come and stay tuned my blog page (http://cotton-boy.blogspot.com/) Thank you for reading!

Cotton boy in America