Friday, December 2, 2011

Do you want some "string" to hang yourself?

Life is tough; Cotton Boy’s life is even tougher. You may call me a whiner or address me “What a loser! You are in America; everyone works their butts off. You can’t just stay at home, imagining yourself on top of the clouds and sucking your cotton candies. Suck your fingers instead as eventually you will empty your last dollar in your pocket. Be productive and be a man” These were the ruthless statements which my friends kept nagging or even yarning at me once in a while in the past.

“Enough is enough! Alright! I will show you all that I am not a couch potato or a single cell parasite”, I retaliated and despised each remark. Now, I have jobs; I even have three part-time jobs and a web blog to write. All of the sudden, life is such as a rush. A day of time lapses before I can take a deep breath and introspect what I have accomplished each day. I guess all the tasks I am given to complete are not memorable enough but are sufficient to feed my hungry piggy bank.

I worked yesterday at the drug and pharmacy store. I was so glad that I was not assigned working at the cashier desk, scanning items and greeting customers with a big innocent smile. I remember by the end of the previous shift, my lower jaw hurt as I curved my lips upwards and squinted my eyes too much.

“Cotton Boy, you will be replenishing the inventory and fill up the shelves today,” my supervisor claimed. I was euphoric at first that I didn’t have to deal with customers and my task was just restocking. “Nice! What a piece of cake!” I tittered. My thought was na├»ve; in fact, I received many more questions than standing at the price scanner. When customers finish their shopping, all they want is to get out of the store hurriedly. When they are roaming inside the store and can’t designate their desired items. They come to me. I pretend I don’t hear and see anything, and keep stocking the goods on the shelves until a man with a brushy mustache, wearing a torn blue jean and pointed cowboy boots asked, “Do you have strength?” “Strength?” I murmured and clarified, “Sir, do you want to find something to brace your hands or feet and increase the strength?” “No! It is not [strength]; I want [string]”, he spoke back. “What kinds of strings do you want? Strings for sewing or strings for tying?” I answered. (I really want to say “String for hanging yourself up?” Of course, I dared not speak it out.) “No! I want some strings for flying kites,” he responded

I was so smart and witty to deliver a quick reply without thinking much, “Sorry Sir, we don’t sell kites’ string now. We only have it during summer!” He thanked me and walked away.

Come on, people! Don’t be so lazy to construct a proper question! I don’t deliver unclear or ambiguous questions. Think before you ask. If he had elaborated clearly by saying, “Do you sell strings for flying kites?” All the misunderstandings wouldn’t have occurred and he may have gotten what he wants.