Sunday, December 4, 2011

"I got money; you guys have problems!"

"What are you talking about? I got money! You guys have problems," she slammed her palms on the cashier desk; a huge thud resonated in the air waking up the nearby customers. A dozen pairs of eyes instantaneously were gazing towards me and imploring to find out what was happening. “Sorry, mam. Your cards were declined,” I reinstated. She vehemently and angrily uttered some words to condemn me for not giving her the merchandizes. I reinforced my statement, “I am sorry!” She walked away and exited the store. A few minutes later when the crowd had dissipated, I pondered over the entire incident. “Why am I always the one apologizing? I didn’t do anything wrong. She initiated all the dramatic occurrences.” She had better not come back to the store. I will definitely confront and slap her sorry face before she sputters another cussing word from her witchy mouth.

It happened at 5:40 PM yesterday while I was being a cashier at the drugstore. A lady pushing a shopping cart with around 10 items questioned, “Please check these items’ prices.” I verified. She hesitated and said, “I thought they were on sale.” “Yes, the prices have been reduced. They are on sale.” I replied. She glared at me and said, “Alright, I will take all.”

I scanned the items one by one and it came up the total of $35.25. She searched her purse and took out a credit card and swiped it. The transaction failed. I politely claimed, “I am sorry. Can you swipe your card again? The transaction did not go through.” “What?” she exclaimed, but she tried again. The result was the same. Repeatedly, I apologized and asked her, “Do you have another card or other payment methods, such as cash or check?” She frowned and exhibited her two other credit cards to me. She wiped one-two-three-four more times. The screen only displayed the word, “DECLINED”. I repeated my statement, “I am sorry!” She shook her wrathful head and spat out, “What? I just paid the bills. Each card should have a thousand dollar. You are wrong” “I am sorry. If the transaction cannot be completed, I am not able to give you the merchandizes. I can hold the items for you until tonight.” She reiterated and yelled back several times, “I had money. You guys are so wrong!”

To stop the fiasco, I no longer made any comments and grabbed the goods into the basket and placed it behind me. I certainly had no more energy to listen to all these fabricated bullshit stories. Does she think I was born yesterday and kind enough to allow her to take anything without paying? I don't feel sorry for her, but I absolutely feel sorry to myself of saying sorry so many times!

Here in America. No free lunch! That’s what we call, “Captialism”.